And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of them that make merry: and I will multiply them, and they shall not be few; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small.” (Jer.30:19 KJV)

I turned 45 last Saturday, the 13th April. In my reflections, the Holy Spirit reminded me of a solemn commitment I made sometime last year after reading a poem written by Margaret E. Sangster entitled, “The Sin of Omission.” This solemn commitment is to be deliberate and liberal in communicating my gratitude to God and every human destiny helper God has sent my way or will send my way. I didn’t get to where I am today all by myself. God used people and will still use people all through my glorious life.

It’s important to me to take that decision because the tendency is for one to feel entitled, especially when you’re dealing with close relatives or associates. On the other hand, we may assume that our gratitude is known or should be known by our benefactors without communicating it.

I concluded that at sunset, our regrets may not necessarily be the actions we took, but the little big things we left undone. Like not showing gratitude to God for His inexplicable love and to the destiny helpers God had blessed us with on our destiny’s journey.

Until thanksgiving is held freely, unrestrictedly and unashamedly like an estate for life and not for a season like a leasehold, you will not enjoy the untold blessings of it. Also, it must be communicated freely and profusely to confirm possession and ownership.

I’ve discovered from Scriptures that for you to enjoy unencumbered possession of thanksgiving for life, you must allow the Spirit of Thanksgiving to possess you. And that Spirit is the Holy Spirit of God. When He indwells and possesses you, thanksgiving will proceed from you naturally according to our text.

Howbeit, if thanksgiving must be your lifelong possession, there are some habits that must be imbibed to facilitate the working of the Holy Spirit in you. Here are seven of such habits.

1. Espouse His Word.

Nothing triggers joy, rejoicing and gratitude like the Word of God. The more we espouse God’s Word the more we embrace the Spirit of the Word that engenders thanksgiving.

2. Build Your Faith.

Faith is thanksgiving and thanksgiving is faith. Faith empowers you to give thanks in all situations. The more we build our faith in God, the more we recapitalize our thanksgiving bank.

3. Be Expectant.

Expectation keeps hope alive and in turn feeds our faith for delivery. Expectation empowers your joy and thanksgiving.

4. Always Be in The Spirit.

If we must walk with the Holy Spirit, we must also be in the spirit and remain spiritually minded. Jesus was always in the spirit and was always rejoicing in the spirit. Spirituality enhances your attitude of gratitude.

5. Connect with Your Joy Helpers.

Identify the right and helpful relationships and connect with them. There are people God has sent your way as helpers of your joy to provoke continuous thanksgiving from you. They help build your faith and destiny.

6. Have A Receiver’s Mentality.

You must be conscious of this truth that we owe all to God. There’s nothing that we have not received from Him. We’re nothing without Him. Having an achiever’s mentality negates the spirit and intent of thanksgiving. Having a receiver’s mentality will empower your thanksgiving unabatedly.

7. Be A Giver.

The more you give, the more you imbibe the character and culture of the spirit. Jesus gave Himself and the Spirit of Holiness quickened Him for eternal praise and joy. Abraham was a sacrificial giver and no wonder thanksgiving was his lifestyle. Remember, God takes delight in thankful and cheerful givers.

Therefore, arise and take freehold of thanksgiving and see your life on an ever increasing trajectory.

To your freehold of thanksgiving,

✝️Tochukwu Kemakolam

Prime Minister

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