I moved into a new apartment with my family in January this year.The first night we slept in the new house, I noticed a sharp pain on the left breast of my wife. We quickly rushed to the hospital. From a sharp pain it developed into a big wound that refused to heal. We have been in and out of hospital since that January till late last month. I sent a message to the Man Of God,Rev Tochukwu and he directed me to get a bottle of anointing oil, he prayed for my wife online, blessed the oil and directed my wife to be applying it on the affected area everyday after bath.We did it and within two days,my wife removed the plaster that have been there and lo and behold,the wound is gone.Glory to God! Hallelujah! Am so happy.

Prince M.Prince M.,

I have been in business for some time now and have carried out my business duties like any average Nigeria would do (operating with common sense). I had the desire to get into the next phase of business so worked harder but the work never paid off until I attended a business summit organized by Beautified Saints Church in Owerri. There I caught light (understanding) and knew how to go about my business, I was also imparted upon and now my business has leaped to the next phase, Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!

Michael AnosikeMichael AnosikeOwerri,

I want to thank God for His goodness upon my life. I came for the Breaking Through at Break Time meeting organized by Beautified Saints Worldwide Ministry. God supernaturally visited me. I started a business trip sometime ago trusting God for provision in faith. I have invested quite a lot and got to the finishing stage and needed money to complete it. I have been trusting God for provision. While in the meeting during the intercessory prayers, my phone was ringing repeatedly. I could not take the call because we were praying. When the prayers were over, I stepped out curiously to know who the caller was. To the glory of God, the person was making inquiries about the business to know why it was not completed and I answered. The person immediately asked for my account details and told me to expect the money. Praise the Lord!!!

Sis. MabelSis. Mabel,

I had a business idea of producing fruit drinks. I ventured into the business but abandoned it due to the challenges I encountered. I was dillydallying to start again due to my previous ugly experience until I came to the Owerri business summit in March where I was imparted. Consequently, in the course of my Bible studies, the Lord led me to the book of John 6:5-14 (Jesus' secret on business multiplication of 5 loafs of bread, and 2 fish that just made a little boy a millionaire overnight. So, following Jesus' model, we jump-started production in May 2017 and made a 101% profit. And again, after two weeks of production, we already have an outlet at Aba, and the head office is at Enugu. Right I see the business taken to unimaginable heights. And favourably competing with other long established fruit drinks. I give God all the glory!!

Amazing Uche

The Lord also persuaded me after the Breakthrough Business Summit organized by Beautified Saints Church to start with what I have, but I was pushing it aside remembering all the challenges I faced at the initial time, and I was like I'm not ready now... But thank God for the Holy Spirit that ordered my steps throughout that period, and I knew within me that I can. On the 27th of April while studying my bible, He took me back to the book of John 6:5-14 (Jesus' secret on business multiplication of 5 loafs of bread, and 2 fishes that just made a little boy a millionaire over night) hmmm... That morning as I was studying I used 3 different Bible versions ( KJV, NLT, and the Message Bible) *the word became flesh, and alive to me*; I meditated on it for hours, I didn't go out till around 4:0pm; I was indoors praying and in deep tears giving thanks to God from the depths of my heart. *Following Jesus model, on the 28th April I lifted up what I had and gave Him extravagant thanks.* So on the 1st of May we jump-started our production, and *we made 101% profit the 1st day, of which the company removed the whole profit as first fruit.* Oh Glory! Hallelujah!!! *The most humbling however, is that from the very first trial it was highly acclaimed to be so good!!! and of having a real exotic taste.* The demand has been so much that we already have an outlet at Aba within 2 weeks of production, while the head office is in Enugu. By the special grace of God, we will start our 2nd product blend by the month of July.

*Right now I see it as being taken to unimaginable heights, and favourably competing with other long established fruit drinks.*

*I give God all the glory!*

... Adding value all the way!

Amazing UcheAmazing Uche,

Obed-Edom Series Testimony is about the manifestation of God’s faithfulness in my family that now resides in the campus area of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. This series of blessing was sparked off by the moving of Beautified Saints Church FOUNDATIONAL ALTAR’S RUG to our family home in Lagos as a parting gift from the Prime Minister, Pastor Tochukwu Baldwin Kemakolam. Just as in the case of Obed-Edom whose family witnessed unprecedented prosperity within three months the Ark was in his home, in the same vein, my family experienced a dramatic turnaround as soon as the Altar Rug arrived our home, as my testimony will reveal.

I sowed a seed on the altar as led and directed by the Deputy Prime Minister Pastor Vanessa T. Kemakolam and the Prime Minister released the rug for us to take home and experience the grace of beautification.


According to the declarations of the man of God, as soon as the FOUNDATIONAL ALTAR’s RUG reached our home, the miracles started rolling in. The blessing began with our daughter’s graduation from the Oko Polytechnic, Anambra State, Nigeria in October 2017 for a Diploma course, to her immediate admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka for a Degree programme in January 2018. Shortly after this, I resigned my job in Lagos in March 2018 to start a personal catering business. This business idea was inspired by the series of the entrepreneurial services that I attended at the Beautified Saints Church in Nigeria which held at the last Sunday of every month.

After my resignation, my husband and I relocated to Nsukka for study and business. Here in Nsukka, we began our eatery business that is known as QUINOX FOOD SPOT, located in the Hilltop area of the University main campus at Nsukka. My husband and I built a relatively small eatery shop (18 feet x 8 feet) on a land leased to us. The miracle associated with the establishment of our eatery is that by faith we started the building project with an insignificant amount of money, but along the line, God provided resources through family members, friends and loved ones via generous support and interest-free loans, payable when able. So, within a space of three months (June to August, 2018), we completed the project and unveiled our eatery brand QUINOX FOOD SPOT on Saturday September 8, 2018, but the business proper began on Tuesday September 11, 2018.

Since our formal commencement, business has been booming both in the indoor and outdoor catering services. God has been helping us to prepare very delicious meals which our customers always testify to. We had just sealed an outdoor catering deal that is scheduled to hold on December 1, 2018. The significance of this outdoor is that we got the call for the business on October 11, 2018, exactly one month of the commencement of our business.

The blessing which has been unveiling since we opened OUINOX shop has continued to evolve in series, some concluded while many are still in the offing. Consequently, I have decided to be presenting them in series, so, as soon as a collection of testimonies comes full cycle, I will share them as a series in the subsequent batch of my “Obed-Edom Series Testimony.” And because the establishment of our eatery business is the high point of my testimony in this batch of testimony, I attached the pictures of the opening of our eatery QUINOX FOOD SPOT (see pictures in pages 3 & 4). I have also applied for my Masters degree in Political Science at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I am presently waiting for the admission.

Finally, I return all the glory to the Almighty God who has considered me worthy to have His “Ark” symbolized by His Altar (footstool) permanently rest in our home. I also thank God for the attendant blessing that continuous to trail this divine orchestration. My warm thanks equally go to our godparents Pastors Tochukwu and Vanessa Kemakolam, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Beautified Saints Church Worldwide, the channels through which God has used to deliver this Obed-Edom blessing to my family.

Glory be to God in the highest!!!

Glory Chika-KanuGlory Chika-Kanu Nsukka, Nigeria,


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