“ No matter how many times you trip them up, God-loyal people don’t stay down long; Soon they’re up on their feet, while the wicked end up flat on their faces.” (Prov.‬ ‭24:16‬ ‭MSG‬‬)

I encountered major setbacks in business, politics and in some relationships that I hugely invested; however, I took everything that happened with graceful equanimity. These setbacks were designed by the devil to distract, distress, deter and detain me. But I was determined not to be distracted, distressed, deterred or detained. Despite the challenges, I emerged more than a conqueror because I am God’s beloved son. And my comeback has placed me perpetually ahead.

One area of life we can learn some lessons on comebacks is sports.  The comeback of Roger Federer in 2017 was quite remarkable. No one expected him to end his five- year barren run at the slams at Melbourne Park, having just recovered from a knee injury – which lead to a six month miss of the 2016 season.  But incredibly, the then 35 year old came from a break down in the fifth set to beat his great rival Rafael Nadal in the final.

This comeback handed Federer a record-extending 18th grand slam title. He has since won two more majors to take his haul to 20.

Therefore, you can make a comeback no matter how far back you’ve gone. It’s only an opportunity to take a giant leap forward.

Howbeit, it’s important to note these points because they will guide you as you take those giant and bold steps to stage a grand comeback. Here are the steps:

1. Your Joy Must Be Intact.

Never allow bitterness, regrets, anxiety, resentment, negativity or frustration overwhelm you. Joy is a major source of strength. It’s the bridge between the negative past and the glorious future.

2. Take Full Responsibility For Your Actions and Inactions.

The tendency is to blame someone for your present position, as it were. As justified as it seems, it may not help your recovery process. Take full responsibility for your actions and inactions. After all, nobody forced you at gun point to take the decisions, rightly or wrongly, that led to your present state.

3. Do a Strategic Audit.

Do a strategic audit of the past with the view to identifying what you failed to do or what you ought not to have done. – “ A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them and strong enough to correct them.” – John Maxwell

4. Forget the Past  and Strategize for the Future Based on Your Findings.

Until the past is forgotten, you may never be energized to take fresh steps. The past is always a weight that must be laid aside if you must run the race that’s set before you.

5. Never Give Up on Your Dreams.

Although things may not have gone the way expected, don’t give up on your dreams. Be convinced; be committed; be compelled; and be consistent.

6. Take Time to Retreat.

Separate yourself to seek and intermeddle with all wisdom. You need definite and right directions. And it’s only the God of all spirits and wisdom can help you. Spending time with Him for direction will save you from making the same or new mistakes. And He will surely guide your feet into the way of peace and abundance.

7. Review Your Why.

In the place of separation and meditation, review your why. Discover and be convinced about your purpose in life. It will help you focus on your assignment – which is where your consignment is.

8. Commit To Living Your Why.

Having been convinced about your why, commit to living it out. Commitment and consistency have compounding effects on destiny.

9. Make a Fresh Start.

Until you start, the statistics may never change. Take that bold step and relaunch and the God of all grace will be there to help you.

10. Allow the Spirit of God to be Your Daily Guide.

The greatest privilege of the children of God is to be led by His Spirit. Howbeit, God will not force Himself on anyone. Open your heart and receive Him today and make Him your greatest Confidant, Guide and Lord.

Hear this: You can’t be led by God and be misguided. You can ask me for confirmation.

The interesting thing about a comeback is that you take the lead and enjoy accelerated speed. Even in this last quarter of the year, I see your speed being accelerated for a major comeback and takeover.

To your comeback,

✝️Tochukwu Kemakolam

Prime Minister

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